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Undergraduate Courses

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BCH3023 / Elementary Organic & Biological Chemistry

Elementary organic chemistry and biochemistry for students in the agricultural technical curricula. This is a terminal course and is not part of any sequence.

Offered: Fall, online

Prerequisite: CHM 2046 or CHM 2047

EVR3323 / Introduction to Ecosystem Restoration

Restoration theory and planning, disturbed land reclamation, woodland/wetland/river restoration, invasive species, community involvement, and monitoring, and emphasizes plant selection, establishment and maintenance.

Offered: Spring

Corequisite: BOT 2010C or BSC 2010, or instructor permission.

HOS2002C / Introduction to Medicinal Plants

Survey series of plants across the globe used in traditional and modern medicines to improve human health; learn about ethnobotany, several examples of plant-derived drugs and their metabolite classes at a basic level for non-experts along with underlying scientific evidence. Hands-on-activities demonstrate medicinal properties of plant extracts and tours of medicinal plants around UF main campus and greenhouses to experience live plants.

Offered: Fall, odd years, on-campus


HOS3305 / Introduction to Plant Molecular Biology

Introduces plant molecular biology and genetic engineering, emphasizing plant genes and genomes, transformation of plants and basic molecular biology.


Prerequisite: APB 2150 or BOT 2010C or BSC 2010

LDE3410C / Residential Landscape Design

Basics of residential landscape design including preparation, evaluation and implementation of simple landscape plans. Emphasizes the use of ornamental plants for functional and aesthetic improvement of home environments. Expect to attend one or two Saturday field trips.

Offered: Fall

Prerequisite: ORH 3513C

LDE4404C / Advanced Residential Landscape Design

Sustainable landscape design concepts and practices to create regenerative and resilient residential landscapes that demonstrate advanced design skills and knowledge.

Offered: Spring

Prerequisite: LDE 3410C or LAA 2360C

ORH1030 / Plants, Gardening, and You

A non-majors overview of environmental horticulture that emphasizes the art and science of growing, installing and maintaining plants used to enhance and improve the human environment indoors and outdoors. Gain familiarity with the science and the industries associated with environmental horticulture.

Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer B

ORH1283 / Survey of Orchids

Overview of the complexities of the orchid family, how selected genera are produced and the potential these plants offer to commercial nursery operators and hobbyists for profit or enjoyment.

Offered: Spring, even years


ORH2752 / Sensory Gardening

Hands-on, multidisciplinary approach to environmental horticulture delivered through the context of the human senses. Class activities, assignments, and projects enhance awareness and understanding of how horticulture relates to the natural and built world, as well as the ways in which people perceive those worlds.

Offered: Spring

ORH3222C / Turfgrass Culture

Comparisons of turfgrass for their landscape and recreational uses. Covers growth characteristics, method of propagation, and basic management requirements, including control of important pest problems.

Offered: Fall

Prerequisite: (BOT 2010C or BSC 2010) and CHM 1025

ORH3253C / Introductory Nursery Management

Introduces the principles of planning, organizing and managing nursery operations. Emphasizes interactions between growing medium components, plant nutrition and irrigation. Nursery layout, growing structures, materials requirements and business practices are covered. Weekend field trips may be required.

Offered: Spring

ORH3324 / Palm Short Course

Overview of how palm plants grow and how to diagnose and interpret problems with palm plants.

Offered: Varies

Prerequisite: BOT 2010C or instructor permission.

ORH3513 / Environmental Plant Identification and Use‌

Identification, growth characteristics, culture and use of common landscape and greenhouse plants. Materials include trees, shrubs, vines, ground covers, lawn grasses and floriculture crops. Emphasizes temperate plants. Taught off campus

Offered: Summer C, even years statewide

Corequisite: ORH 3513L

ORH3513C‌ / Environmental Plant Identification and Use

Combines lecture and laboratory for identification, growth characteristics, culture and use of common landscape and greenhouse plants. Materials include trees, shrubs, vines, ground covers, lawn grasses and floriculture crops. Emphasizes temperate plants. Taught on UF campus.

Offered: Fall, Summer C

Attributes: General Education - Biological Science

ORH3513L / Environmental Plant Identification and Use Laboratory

Introductory, upper-division environmental laboratory course. Identify commonly used landscape plants, their use and their characteristics. Taught off campus.

Offered: Summer C, even years statewide

Corequisite: ORH 3513

ORH3773 / Public Gardens

Operation and management of public gardens, including community and amusement parks, nature preserves, botanical gardens, arboreta, and zoological gardens. Explore issues relevant to principles and practices of management and psychological and sociological benefits of gardens and green spaces.

Offered: Spring

Prerequisite: ORH 3513C

ORH3773L / Public Gardens Laboratory

First-hand observation and evaluation of public gardens and parks to illustrate the management of such, as was discussed in ORH 3773. Consists of field trips to various botanical gardens, zoos and amusement parks.

Offered: Spring

Corequisite: ORH 3773

ORH3815C /  Florida Native Landscaping

An upper-division, environmental horticulture course designed to introduce students with a plant science background to the nomenclature, effective utilization and design elements of plants native to Florida.

Offered: Spring, even years

Prerequisite: junior standing

ORH4223 / Golf and Sports Turf Management

Strategies involved in golf course and athletic field operations, including development of management cultural practices, adherence to environment regulations, personnel management and budgeting. Students may be expected to attend Saturday field trips.

Offered: Spring

Prerequisite: ORH 3222C

ORH4236C / Ornamental Landscape Management

Provide foundational knowledge and the skills needed to successfully manage and maintain residential and commercial landscapes. Additionally, provides students with a greater understanding of the landscape management industry and familiarizes students with sustainable landscape management techniques.

Offered: Spring, online

Prerequisite: ORH 3222C

ORH4242C / Arboraculture

Introduces urban trees: biology, management requirements, design of urban spaces for trees, site modifications and construction techniques, tree selection, installation techniques, establishing trees in adverse sites, tree pruning and related tree management practices. A written tree management plan is required.

Offered: Spring, even years

Prerequisite: ORH 3513C

ORH4256 / Nutritional Management of Nursery Crops

Techniques for determining, interpreting and managing the nutritional status of container grown greenhouse and nursery crops. Includes water quality, substrate physical and chemical parameters, irrigation and fertilization practices.

Offered: Spring

ORH4264 / Greenhouse and Nursery Crop Culture

Principles and practices used for commercial production of economically important environmental horticulture crops.


ORH 4264L / Greenhouse and Nursery Crop Culture Laboratory

LaboratoryAdvanced hands-on laboratory growing a wide range of greenhouse plants through the application of crop cultural practices discussed in lecture.


Prerequisite: ORH 3513C

Corequisite: ORH 4264

ORH4280 / Orchidology

Principles and practices involved in the production of orchid plants and flowers, including nomenclature, breeding, seed culture, harvesting and handling

Offered: Spring, odd years

Prerequisite: BOT 2011C or BSC 2011

ORH4804 / Annual and Perennial Gardening

Identification, selection, use and management of annuals, perennials, vines, ornamental grasses and ground covers in the landscape. Hands-on care for plants in the outdoor laboratory. Learn the irrigation, fertilization, pruning and cultural needs of these popular plants. Laboratory complements lecture.

Offered: Spring, odd years, on-campus

Prerequisite: BOT 2010C or BSC 2010.

ORH4804C / Annual and Perennial Gardening 

Identification, selection, use and management of annuals, perennials, vines, ornamental grasses and ground covers in the landscape. Hands-on care for plants in the outdoor laboratory. Learn the irrigation, fertilization, pruning and cultural needs of these popular plants. Laboratory complements lecture.

Offered: Spring, odd years, on-campus

Prerequisite: Junior standing.


ORH4804L / Annual and Perennial Gardening Laboratory

Taxonomy of ornamental landscape annuals and perennials. Site evaluation, diagnostics, preparation, installation and maintenance of the color portion of commercial and residential landscaping.

Offered: Spring, odd years, Milton, Ftlaud.

Prerequisite: BOT 2010C or BSC 2010;

Corequisite: ORH 4804

ORH4848 / Landscape Plant Establishment

Techniques for selecting and installing plants, building decks and patios, walls, trellises, landscape lighting, irrigation, water gardens and other landscape elements. Prepare balance sheets, bid specifications and contracts and perform landscape installations from completed landscape plants.

Offered: Fall, online

ORH4900 / Supervised Extension Experience in Environmental Horticulture

Firsthand, authentic extension experiences in agricultural and life sciences under the supervision of a faculty member. Projects may involve program planning, development, implementation, and evaluation.


ORH4905 / Independent Study of Environmental Horticulture

Three topics for independent study: a research investigation and review of literature, drafting of proposal, conducting an experiment, collection of data, summation and interpretation of results and preparation of a report; a library or studio assignment, including analysis of several sources of information on a specific topic with a written evaluation and list of conclusions; or assist in teaching a laboratory of selected courses in environmental horticulture.


ORH4911 / Supervised Research in Environmental Horticulture

Firsthand, authentic research in environmental horticulture under the supervision of a faculty member. Projects may involve inquiry, design, investigation, scholarship, discovery or application.


ORH4915 / Honors Thesis Research in Environmental Horticulture

Independent research in environmental horticulture leading to an honors thesis. Student are mentored by a faculty member. Projects may involve inquiry, design, investigation, scholarship, discovery or application.


Prerequisite: junior standing, upper division GPA of 3.75 or higher and completed honors thesis proposal on file.

ORH4932 / Special Topics in Environmental Horticulture

Topics of current interest concerning environmental plants.


ORH4932 /  Field Studies in Public Gardens Management‌   instagram icon 16x16

Offered: Summer A

ORH4933 / Professional Development Seminar

A senior-level course for students seeking career opportunities in environmental horticulture. Special emphasis is placed on the expectations of and the relevant issues facing the landscape plant production, landscape management and turfgrass industries. Field trips and attendance at selected commercial trade shows are mandatory.

Offered: Spring

Prerequisite: AEC 3030C and AEC 3033C and ORH 3513C

ORH4941 / Practical Work Experience

Practical work must be a new experience and related to student's field of study. A written and oral report is required.


Prerequisite: previous arrangement with advisor and department chair and dean permission.

PLS3080 /  Introduction to Horticultural Therapy

Examine the profession and practice of horticultural therapy including its history, current state, and relevant literature and theories. Explore people/plant relationships, therapeutic methods and benefits, and populations served, as well as being introduced to existing programs and the role of therapeutic gardens.

Offered: Spring

Prerequisite: Sophomore standing or higher.

PLS3223 / Plant Propagation

Principles, practices and physiological aspects of the propagation of horticultural and agronomic crops by cuttage, graftage, seedage, micropropagation and other methods.

Offered: Fall, every year on-campus / even years statewide

Prerequisite: BOT 2010C or BSC 2010

Corequisite: PLS 3223L

PLS3223L / Plant Propagation Laboratory

Methods of propagating by seeds, bulbs, divisions, layering, cuttings, budding, grafting and micropropagation in a hands-on environment.

Offered: Fall, every year on-campus / even years statewide

Prerequisite: BOT 2010C or BSC 2010

PLS4081 / Techniques in Horticultural Therapy

Examine the effectiveness of horticultural therapy across a diverse range of client populations, programs, and environments, and the physical, cognitive, and psychosocial implications. Explore therapeutic, vocational, and social modalities employing plants, as well as task analysis, activity analysis and tool and site adaptations.

Offered: Spring

Prerequisite: PLS 3080 with a minimum grade of C.

PLS4082 / Program Management in Horticulture Therapy

Learn to develop, manage, and evaluate horticultural therapy programs in diverse environments. Explore strategies for program proposals and funding, along with recruitment of clients and required regulations and documentation. Discuss staff and volunteer management, as well as plant materials, gardens, and other program resources.


Prerequisite: PLS 3080 and PLS 4081 with minimum grades of C

PLS4105 / Genome Editing and Plant Biotechnology

Plant biotechnology is one of the most prolific and influential areas of the plant sciences. This upper level undergraduate course will be focused on modern biotechnological tools and applications that have resulted in great advances for agriculture and society.

Offered: Fall

Prerequisite: PLS 3004C and AGR 3303.

PLS4242C / Micropropagation of Horticultural Crops

Lectures and laboratory exercises emphasizing the practical application of plant tissue culture for the clonal propagation of horticultural crops. Emphasis on aseptic technique, culture methodology and micropropagation systems development.

Offered: Spring

Prerequisite: ORH 3513C recommended

PLS4941 / Practical Work Experience

Practical, hands-on experience in the plant sciences through a paid internship in the industry. This must be a new experience and related to the student's field of study. One month of full-time work is required for each credit.

Prerequisite: Plant Science major of junior standing or higher.

PLS4950 / Plant Science Capstone

Identify a problem or topic in plant sciences and develop a poster presentation about this problem or topic. This course discusses the following topics: how to develop a hypothesis, how to complete a reliable literature review, the importance of peer review and how to present results and findings.

Offered: Fall, Spring online

Prerequisite: PLS 3004C and PLS 4941 One year of employment experience in plant science may be substituted for PLS 4941 with instructor permission.


Graduate Courses

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Course Title Semester

Graduate Professional Development Seminar

Presentations and group discussion of topics essential to enhance awareness, personal satisfaction, and professional success of graduate students


Grad Survey Biochemistry

Introduction to plant, animal, and microbial biochemistry for graduate students who have not had biochemistry. Integration and regulation of biochemical processes stressed; limited discussion of some biochemical techniques.

Prerequisite: inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, biology.


Horticultural Plant Morphology and Identification

Principles and practices of horticultural plant identification using vegetative and floral morphology.

Prerequisite: for graduate students who have not taken ORH 3513C.

Fall, Summer C

Advanced Nutritional Management of Ornamental Crops

Techniques for determining, interpreting, and managing the nutritional status of ornamental plants in the greenhouse, nursery or landscape. Topics include: meter selection and calibration, water analysis, substrate/soil analysis, report interpretation and writing, diagnosis and recommendations.

Prerequisite: SWS 3022/3022L,  ORH3253C, or consent of instructor

Spring, even years

Greenhouse and Nursery Operations

Principles involved in managing nurseries. Interaction among media components, irrigation, and nutrition. Weekend field trips may be required.

Prerequisite: for graduate students needing introduction to the principles of planning, organizing, and managing production operations. Not open to students who have taken ORH 3254.

Spring, odd years

Cultivation, Extraction, and Application of Medicinal Plants and Their Bioactive Compounds

Strong interest in cultivation, extraction, and use of medicinal crops has recently emerged in the fields of plant science, biochemistry and pharmacology. This graduate level course focuses on development of a more thorough understanding of plant production and management as well as secondary plant compound synthesis, extraction, analysis, and use. This course prepares students for careers in natural plant product development and commercial cultivation of medicinal crops


Plant Materials for Conservation and Restoration

Understand how to protect, select, produce, and establish native plants for ecological restoration. Learn the scientific basis for guidelines on planning revegetation, selecting plant material, and formulating successful conservation and restoration plans for rare, threatened and endangered species.


Methods in Plant Biotechnology  

Plant biotechnology is a highly interdisciplinary field with new advances and techniques emerging at a fascinating speed. This graduate level course is designed as a comprehensive exploration to established and new methodologies used in the field of Plant Biotechnology.


Research and Development in Turfgrass Science

Principles and practices of turfgrass improvement and management, including propagation, nutrition, physiology, soil management, and experimental methods applied to turf research.


Problems in Horticultural Science

Independent study.


Supervised Research


Horticultural Science Seminar

Oral presentation of material in one of the following areas: literature review, related to student's research; research results; or published paper, of relevance to horticulture. Subject matter determined by instructor. Offered in spring.


Special Topics

Study of contemporary research in horticultural science.

Fall, odd years, on-campus

Supervised Teaching

Every Semester

Practicum in Horticultural Science

Supervised and individual work in professional areas of horticulture.

Prerequisite: admission is limited to graduate students majoring in horticultural science.


Research for Master's Thesis


Fundamentals of Seed Biology

Students critically analyze pertinent seed biology literature, lead discussions, engage in student-centered mini-lectures, and complete a self-directed project throughout the semester to expand their seed biology knowledge.

Prerequisite: Basic knowledge in plant sciences, botany, and biology or equivalent courses in related fields.


Advanced Research

Research for doctoral students before admission to candidacy. Designed for students with a master's degree in the field of study or for students who have been accepted for a doctoral program. Not appropriate for students who have been admitted to candidacy.


Research for Doctoral Dissertation


Advance Annuals and Perennials Gardening

Identification, selection, use, and management of annuals, perennials, herbs, and ornamental grasses in the landscape.

Prerequisite: Junior standing or higher.

Spring, odd years on campus and statewide

Advanced Golf and Sports Turf Management

Golf course and sports turf management.

Prerequisite: for graduate students who have not taken ORH 4223.


Orchid Biology + Culture

Orchid plants and flowers, including nomenclature, breeding, seed culture, harvesting, and handling.

Prerequisite: for graduate students who have not taken ORH 4280; or consent of instructor.

 Spring, odd years

Advanced Florida Native Landscaping

Introduction to nomenclature, effective use, and design elements of plants native to Florida.

Prerequisite: ORH 1520 or 3513.

Spring, even years

Propagation of Horticulture Crops

Theoretical and practical applications of macro- and micropropagation techniques for higher plants.

Prerequisite: for students who have not taken PLS 3221.


 Advanced Plant Micropropagation

Practical application of plant tissue for clonal propagation of horticultural crops.

Prerequisite: PLS 3221 or consent of instructor.