Course List


F=Fall, S=Spring, SS=Summer,
SSA=Summer A, SSC=Summer C,
SSB=Summer B

ORH1030  Plants, Gardening, and You F, S, SSB
ORH1283  Survey of Orchids S, even years
ORH2752  Sensory Gardening S
BCH3023  Elementary Organic & Biological Chemistry F, online
ORH3222C  Turfgrass Culture F
EVR3223  Ecosystem Restoration Principles and Practice‌ S
PLS3223  Plant Propagation F, every year on campus / even years online, statewide
PLS3223L  Plant Propagation Lab F, every year on campus / even years statewide
ORH3253C  Introductory Nursery Management  S
ORH3324  Palm Short Course  varies
LDE3410C  Residential Landscape Design F
ORH3513  Environmental Plant Identification and Use‌ SSC, even years statewide
ORH3513C‌  Environmental Plant Identification and Use‌‌ F, SSC
ORH3513L  Environmental Plant Identification and Use‌ SSC, even years statewide
ORH3815 Florida Native Landscaping S
ORH4223  Golf and Sports Turf Management S
ORH4236C  Ornamental Landscape Management S online
ORH4242C  Arboriculture S, even years
PLS4242C  Micropropagation of Horticultural Crops S
ORH4256  Nutritional Monitoring and Management S, even years
ORH4280  Orchidology S, odd years
LDE4404C  Advanced Residential Landscape Design S
ORH4804L  Annual and Perennial Gardening Lab S, odd years
ORH4804  Annual and Perennial Gardening S, odd years
ORH4848 Landscape Plant Establishment F, online
ORH4932  Field Studies in Public Gardens Management‌   instagram icon 16x16 SSA
ORH4933  Professional Development Seminar S
PLS4950  Plant Science Capstone F, S online
ORH5026C < Advance Annuals and Perennials S, odd years
BCH5045 Grad Survey Biochemistry S
HOS5117C  Environmental Plant Identification and Use F, SSC
PLS5222C  Plant Propagation of Horticulture Crops F
PLS5241C  Advanced Plant Micropropagation S
ORH5282  Orchid Biology + Culture S, odd years
HOS5432  Advanced Nutritional Management of Ornamental Crops S, even years
HOS5515C  Greenhouse and Nursery Operations S, odd years
ORH5817C Florida Native Landscaping S
ALS5934  Graduate Professional Development F
HOS6931  Graduate Seminar S
HOS6932‌  Advanced Arboriculture S, even years
HOS6932 Landscape Plant Establishment F, online
HOS6940  Supervised Teaching Every Semester