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Support the Department of Environmental Horticulture at UF

We are training great professionals, developing exciting new products and working to assist our industry partners with new insights and information.

We welcome and need your support!

Your financial support has an important impact on our students and research programs.  Your contributions and support provide the opportunity to expand and intensify our research capabilities and support life-changing and professionally enriching learning experiences for our students.

You can help us train future leaders in science and industry…

Our students need hands-on learning experience and special laboratory and plant growing experiences that will make them the most knowledgeable and skilled professionals in our industry.  With your financial support, we can intensify their educational experiences by offering them cutting-edge and unique educational experiences that prepare them to be regional, national and global industry leaders.

Your support enables us to do advanced and visionary research…

Our faculty, staff and graduate students are committed to conducting cutting-edge and visionary research.  They work every day to develop new plants, plant products, and growing techniques, as well as develop the knowledge needed to utilize plants to enrich our lives and the world we live in. The research being done ensures a safe, and better, future world.

Your gifts enable us to reach out to industry and collaborate with our stakeholders, partner, and friends.

The outreach from our program enables us to advance and enhance the capabilities and prosperity of our industry partners and to educate the public about the importance and use of plants to enrich their lives and the world we live in.   Your gifts enable us to extend and share our valuable information with everyone who needs it and those who can benefit from what we know.

Your gift to the Environmental Horticulture department will support:

  • Cutting Edge Laboratory Training
  • Experience working in Greenhouses and Nurseries
  • Student Scholarships
  • The Opportunity for Students to Interface with Industry
  • Internship Experiences
  • Professional Development Experiences for Students and Faculty
  • Support for Student Recruitment
  • Funds for Specialized Equipment and Facilities
  • Support Industry Outreach and Educational Programs
  • Assisting Industry with Critical and Time-sensitive Issues
  • Develop and Introduce New Plants
  • and Much More……

Have any questions?

We are here to answer them.

Dean Kopsell portrait

Dr. Dean Kopsell
Professor and Dept. Chair