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Nursery Crop Production

With over 7,000 registered nurseries, Florida ranks only behind California in terms of the volume of wholesale nursery products. The farm gate value of Florida nursery crops was $3 billion based on an economic study conducted in 2005, and there were 58,000 acres of container production and 23,000 acres of field or in-ground production. Our production research programs are aimed at supporting growers with improved production information that allows them to be more successful, produce a better product for the consumer, and be better environmental stewards.  We are an active partner in the Floriculture Research Alliance, a university-industry consortium for applied research on production, propagation, and shipping of young plant material. 


Richard Beeson

Richard Beeson

Landscape Ornamentals, Greenhouse Citrus Production

Dr. Paul Fisher

Paul Fisher

Production Management, Floriculture

Kimberly A. Moore

Kimberly Moore

Plant Production

Mack Thetford

Mack Thetford

Landscape Ornamentals, Plant Propagation

Dr. Sandra Wilson

Sandra Wilson

Propagation and Production of Native Plants, Ornamental Invasives