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Commercial Landscape, Golf, Specialty Turf, and Sod Production

Because Florida has witnessed tremendous population growth and development, it increasingly important for the commercial turf industries to use appropriate management practices to protect water quality. Additionally, there are increasing state and local regulations impacting the industries and their abilities to do their jobs. IFAS Extension is at the forefront as the lead educational partner to ensure that all industry segments are aware of and in compliance with these new regulations. An example of this is the Green Industries Best Management Practices Education Program for the commercial landscape turf industry.


Jason Kruse portrait

Jason Kruse

Landscape Management, Turfgrass Science

Dr. Marco Schiavon

Marcos Schiavon

Turfgrass Science
(954)577-6336 | Ft. Lauderdale REC

Joseph B.

Bryan J. Unruh

Turfgrass Science