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The internship experience is extremely important in today's job market.

An intern gains not only day-to-day work skills but also an understanding of the social and intellectual skills needed to manage the physical and human resources of commercial or public facilities.

Students may obtain work experience through employment in landscape design/ build firms, landscape management companies, production nurseries, landscape nurseries, sod production facilities, golf courses, greenhouses, flower or foliage production or product marketing firms, retail flower shops or garden centers, botanical gardens and arboreta, or other related employment programs.

Student Testimonials

Environmental Horticulture includes all aspects of enhancing people's lives through the proper selection, propagation, growth, placement, and use of plants in interior and exterior surroundings.

Student testimonials imageDaniel
Longwood Gardens 
Kennett Square, PA

"I had a phenomenal experience interning at Longwood Gardens. As the outdoor display intern, I rotated between the three main sections of the 1,000-acre display garden - woody and perennial plants, vegetables and trial plants, and annuals and natives. By rotating through all of these throughout the year, I gained valuable experience on all fronts of outdoor horticulture.

Three projects were very memorable and educational to me – sheering the large geometric topiaries, planting the spring bulb display, and planting the large summer annual display. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity and highly recommend it."

Candicestudent testimonials image
Bowman's Hill Wildflower Preserve 
New Hope, PA‌

"Every day is different as an intern at the Preserve. You might be working in their native plant nursery one day, then the next ‌‌day build trails and manage the property, or run educational programs for children. I was able to acquire a great deal of experience in invasive plant removal, nursery operations, and public speaking. One of the best parts of the summer was working with the Preserve staff. They are all very passionate about native plant preservation, and I learned so much from interacting with them. There is a strong family atmosphere at the Preserve, and they do a great job of making interns feel welcomed."

Jaredstudent testimonials image
Holloway Tree Farm
Leesburg, FL

"I have enjoyed learning both sides of the nursery business, growing and marketing/sales of material. I have done fertilizer treatments, pruning, scouting for pests and making recommendations, potting new material, irrigation scheduling and much more. I have also worked in sales making phone calls, taking buyers out in the field, arranging trucking, billing/invoicing and all that goes on with the marketing of container-grown products. The knowledge I've gained and this experience is one of a lifetime."


Alinastudent testimonials image
Deroose Plants, Inc.
Apopka, FL

"As a Marketing Intern for the summer, I helped develop a marketing and communication program. My favorite part of the internship was participating as an exhibitor at the Super Floral Trade Show in Salt Lake City, UT. The experience gave me first-hand knowledge on how buying happens for retail garden centers and showed me the importance of marketing and communications for the horticulture industry. I am thankful Deroose Plants took me to several FNGLA events which gave me the opportunity to see the industry in action."


Kathrynstudent testimonials image
Post Properties
Atlanta, Georgia

"I worked at Post Ridge, Post Spring, and Post Riverside. I enjoy working outdoors. Every day (at Post Properties) we work in different areas of horticulture. One day we may prune, the next day might incorporate mowing, blowing, and edging, or even using an arbor truck to remove hard-to-reach limbs or vines. I love working with the people at Post. They're very personable and caring."

Wendystudent testimonials image
Miller Park
Home of the Milwaukee Brewers
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

"Working at Miller Park this summer was an amazing experience. I learned new management skills, worked on some special projects, made a lot of friends, and had a lot of fun. Working at a major league facility can be very exhausting, but it was definitely worth all of the hard work. This internship in combination with my past experience and education will help me to excel in the turfgrass industry and I am very grateful to have had such a wonderful opportunity to learn."

Davidstudent testimonials image
Student Conservation Association
Salmon-Challis National Forest - Idaho

"With a large number of free range cattle in the State of Idaho, the Legislature has devoted resources to the control of poisonous and overly competitive noxious weeds in the state. The Forest Service has created a task force whose responsibility it is to locate and eradicate noxious weeds. As a member of this group it is our responsibility to locate communities of invasive weeds in remote backcountry settings, log GPS coordinates, and inventory the community so that spray crews may find, and be aptly equipped to spray. In addition, there are several "potential" invaders which we are only responsible for inventory and GPS positions. My favorite things about this internship are the time that we get out in the field, the crew that I work with and the ability to get some exposure to the Forest Service and how it operates."

Alisonstudent testimonials image
Post Properties
Atlanta, Georgia

"Working for a reputable company like Post gave me the opportunity to gain practical landscaping experience in a major city. The properties were beautiful and it was our job to keep them that way. I thoroughly enjoyed being outside and learning how to do every aspect of landscape maintenance, as well as making new friends through student interns from other universities."


Laurenstudent testimonials image
One Source Landscape - Busch Gardens
Tampa, FL

"During my internship I learned landscaping skills and good practices to be an effective landscape supervisor/manager. I was able to create large scale topiaries, lay pavers and design a landscape for a new area being developed."

Travisstudent testimonials image
The Breakers
West Palm Beach, FL

"I really enjoyed my internship at the Breakers. I gained a lot of experience and understanding of what it takes to manage a high-quality landscape and golf course. I couldn't have picked a better location or a better company to do my internship with."

Available Internships

These are just a few of the nationally recognized internships available to horticulture students.  See your advisor for a more extensive list of internship opportunities.


Learn more about scholarships for undergraduate students at the Plant Science Major website.