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Paula Diane Relf, PhD, HTM Professor Emeritus has pioneered work in horticultural therapy as one of the founding professionals in what is now the American Horticultural Therapy Association, serving as executive director from its inception into the mid-80’s and as president from 1975-1979. She was also a founder of the International People-Plant Council and served as chair from 1989 to 2003. Diane continues to influence and inspire worldwide in horticultural therapy, horticulture, and Extension, education, and health services with her on-going presentations, publications, and projects including THAD.  

Leadership for THAD has been provided by Lesley Fleming, HTR, Leah Diehl, HTM, Trish Hildinger, HTR, Gerry Sherman, HTR and Catherine Crowder, HTR.

THAD Contributors Guidelines

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Maureen Bethel

Kathy Brechner

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Catherine Crowder

Leah Diehl

Lesley Fleming

Bridget Gaines

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Diane Relf

Mallory Schroer

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Christene Tashjian

Siang Yu Tham

Emilee Weaver

Erica Wharton

Jeanne Willis

Christina Wilson

Morgan Whitaker Smith

Silvia Yoshimizu-Yee