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This collaborative project was initiated by Diane Relf and the Therapeutic Horticulture Activity Database (THAD) Working Group which includes the Florida Horticulture for Health Network, Nova Scotia Horticulture for Health Network, California Horticultural Therapy Network, Mid Atlantic Horticultural Therapy Network, Carolinas Horticultural Therapy Network, and the University of Florida Certificate in Horticultural Therapy.  

Activities are an important component of horticultural therapy (HT) and therapeutic horticulture (TH) programs, where intentional connections to plants are an essential element. The activities found here in the Therapeutic Horticulture Activity Database (THAD) have been developed or adapted by HT professionals and are presented in compliance with standards of practice from the American Horticultural Therapy Association (2022). Although they are formatted for use by horticultural therapy practitioners, these activities can be adapted and implemented by a broad range of practitioners to suit the needs of both those delivering and benefitting from the activities.  

THAD uses three primary categories to present and organize activities: Activities, Goals, and Populations which can be accessed by clicking on the buttons below. Each primary category will contain related sub-categories which will further divide categories. Both the primary and sub-categories are listed at the top of the activity page.  

Thanks are extended to those who have contributed to the activities, reviewed content, and hosted the platform. The content is free to access and available to all interested parties. 

American Horticultural Therapy Association (2022). Standards of practice.