Undergraduate Courses

Courses: Fall 2019

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BCH3023 Elementary Organic & Biological Chemistry Moore
ORH1030  Plants, Gardening, and You Clark
ORH3222C Turfgrass Culture Kruse
ORH3513C Environmental Plant Identification and Use Schutzman
ORH4264 Greenhouse and Nursery Crop Culture Gomez
ORH4264L Greenhouse and Nursery Crop Culture Laboratory Gomez / Thetford / Moore / Pearson
ORH4280 Orchidology Vendrame
ORH4848 Landscape Plant Establishment Pearson
ORH4905 Independent Study of Environmental Horticulture Kruse
ORH4911 Supervised Research in Environmental Horticulture Kruse
ORH4915 Honors Thesis Research in Environmental Horticulture Adams
ORH4932 Controlled Environment Plant Production Gomez
ORH4932 Methods in Plant Biotechnology Begcy
PLS3223  Plant Propagation Thetford / Wilson
PLS3223L  Plant Propagation Lab Thetford / Moore / Beason
PLS4941 Practical Work Experience Peterson
PLS4950 Plant Science Capstone Moore