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Plant Health Professional Certificate

The University of Florida has teamed with Michigan State University and several other leading universities to offer a new qualification in plant health management for greenhouse and nursery growers. Pass five courses in plant health listed below to obtain a certificate of completion from University Extension to recognize your training, skills, and dedication as a Plant Health Professional. You can use this certificate to help grow your career and build your resume.

Growers must pass five of seven courses, which include:

  • Nutrient Management 1 (UF) - Jul 8 - Aug 2
  • Field Diagnosis of Plant Diseases NEW! - Sep 16 - Oct 11
  • Practical Disease Management NEW! - Nov 11 - Dec 13
  • Weed Management (UF) - Oct 14 - Nov 8
  • Irrigation Water Quality and Treatment (UF) -
    Aug 12 - Sep 6
  • Abiotic Disorders (MSU/University of Kentucky) - Next course 2024
  • Biological Control (MSU/Kansas State University) - Next course 2024
  • Disease Management (UF - 2023 or earlier, no longer offered)
plant health professional certificate

high temp stressGrowers sign up for individual courses through UF Greenhouse Training Online and MSU website ( Email once five courses are successfully completed, and growers can obtain their certificate of completion.

For more information, contact Greenhouse Training Online is supported by a grant from the American Floral Endowment ( and by the Floriculture Research Alliance (