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Dr. Ryan W. Klein

Assistant Professor / Arboriculture

Dr. Klein is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Environmental Horticulture at the University of Florida. His research focuses on the risk associated with urban trees and their survival following hurricanes and other intense storms. Ryan’s interests center around exploring the impacts that urban forests have on the health and safety of urban populations. He views the relationship between people and their natural surroundings as being especially significant since most of the world’s population live in urban areas and urban sprawl continues to consume our remaining natural spaces. Human interactions, such as planning and management become ever more important to the sustainability of our urban forests. Thus, it is vital for research to address these issues and bridge the gap between human culture and the natural world.


    Dr. Klein’s research interests include:

    • Assessing the impacts of trees on the health and safety of urban populations
    • The damaging effects of hurricanes on urban tree survivability
    • Risk perception of trees and its influence on the decision-making process
    • Deficiencies in arboricultural education, training, accreditation, and professionalism
    • Refining industry standards and best management practices
    • Tree worker safety training programs
    • The propagation of species from outside of established hardiness zones
    • Cultural views and personal preferences regarding urban trees plantings

    Dr. Klein serves as the instructor of Arboriculture (ORH 4242C). The course offers students an all-encompassing view into the many facets of arboriculture (tree physiology, biomechanics, tree health, planting and establishment, pruning, pests and disease, tree risk, etc.). Ryan values the opportunity to support and mentor graduate and undergraduate students and helping to prepare them for their future careers.


    Teaching Philosophy: My role is to help students develop both a base knowledge and a deep understanding of topics in arboriculture, while presenting students with career paths and necessary skills that advance the discipline


    Extension is the vehicle through which new and existing scientific knowledge is passed on to educators, industry professionals, and the public in an effort to enact meaningful change. Dr. Klein’s extension program focuses on educating the public and a variety of stakeholders on current issues in arboriculture as well as working closely with industry groups to develop training events for industry professionals.

Dr. Ryan Klein CV

Dr. Ryan Klein

(352) 273-4519

Environmental Horticulture Department
University of Florida
PO BOX 110670
Gainesville, FL 32611-0670


    Ph.D. Environmental Horticulture (Urban Tree Risk Assessment Emphases), University of Florida, 2020

    M.S. Environmental Horticulture (Urban Tree Risk Assessment Emphases), University of Florida, 2016

    • Minor: Urban Planning/Natural Resource Policy and Economics
    • Minor: Urban Forestry

    B.A. Anthropology, Western Illinois University, 2014

    B.A. Business & Entrepreneurship, Columbia College Chicago, 2008