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Hydroponic Fertilizer Supply for Basil Using Controlled-release Fertilizer

Maria Fernanda Trientini, an M.S. student at the University of Florida, is researching the use of Controlled Release Fertilizers (CRF) in hydroponic systems.  Hydroponics are being promoted for urban homeowners, which represents an expanding market to sell transplants and growing systems. However, nutrient and pH management are too complex for most consumers. Nowadays, new CRF materials are available in the US. In this project, Dr. Fisher and Fernanda aim to simplify nutrient management in hydroponics by formulating a standard dose of blended CRF per gallon per month. This would improve consumer success with ‘grow your own’ vegetables. 


Maria Fernanda Trientini
Maria Fernanda Trientini weighs residual nutrient solution from a hydroponic system to calculate water consumption along the trial.