University of Florida

2008 Prestige Early Red - Sprays

Growth Regulators Applied / Height graph

Graph shows projected plant heights during production of the crop. Dots are plotted actual height each week. Arrows indicate when PGRs are applied with details in the weekly notes. We use the “late” graphical tracking curve and heights are from bench to height of growing tip. Heights are plotted from date of pinching to projected date of finish.

Growth regulator height graph


Prestige Early Red November 18th11/18

This crop of Prestige Early Red was ready about a week earlier than scheduled and is a little smaller than planned. The plants look very good. The short height is probably a result of earlier flowering which gave less vegetative time before initiation and of the cool temperatures. A good comparison is to look at the Prestige Early from 2007 that was on a similar schedule. With the much warmer temperatures last year the plants were slower finishing and more PGR was required. For this crop only one PGR application was made, which was a little too much. In the future if this schedule is used then the early PGR should not be applied unless heights are well above curve like last year. An alternative is to plant and pinch a week earlier that would be better in cooler years, but mean more PGR use in warmer years.

Prestige Early Red November 11th11/11

Our weather is continuing to be mild. These plants are all showing pollen now and are ready earlier than we expected.

Prestige Early Red November 4th11/04

This crop of Prestige Early are slowing down with the mild weather and will finish a little on the small side. They should be showing pollen next week and are finishing about a week earlier than last year.

Prestige Early Red October 28th10/28

Our weather should continue cool and sunny. It appears now that these Prestige Early will be mature enough for sale in about 2 weeks and they will finish near 14 inches.

Prestige Early Red October 21st10/21

Weather this past week was at or below average and the same is forecast for next week. This crop of Prestige Early Red looks like they may finish a little below the desired height. We will just have to see what they do the next couple of weeks.

Prestige Early Red October 14th10/14

Weather this next week is forecast to continue about average, which should provide for good growth but not too excessive. These plants are about where we expected them to be this week. Color development is about 1 week ahead of last year which was much hotter during the initiation period.

Prestige Early Red October 7th10/07

Weather this next week is forecast to be about average. These plants look good and we expect them to be along the bottom of the desired curve the next couple of weeks. The very early signs of first color are starting on some of these plants and all plants should be showing color by next week.

Prestige Early Red September 30th9/30

This crop continues to look good. Projected weather is about normal. We do not expect a problem with this crop the next couple of weeks.

Prestige Early Red September 23rd9/23

This crop of Prestige Early looks good at this point. We will see how they grow the next couple of weeks.

Prestige Early Red September 16th9/16

At 3 weeks after pinching, the two Prestige Early crops are growing well and are about to go into a rapid growth period. We will spray this crop now with the medium rate of B-Nine/Cycocel tank mix (1,500 B-Nine and 1,250 Cycocel). We anticipate getting good control with this.

Prestige Early Red September 9th9/09

This crop is showing good branch development and is slightly taller than the curve now. If this were a more vigorous variety we would probably do a PGR application this week. However, Prestige Early should not be a problem and we will see where the crop is next week.

Prestige Early Red September 2nd9/02

These plants are starting to branch fine.

Prestige Early Red August 26th8/26

Prestige Early Red worked well for us in the 2007 height control examples where we had high temperatures through November and used more PGR than in average years. Prestige Early is a little less vigorous than is Prestige Red but has similar strong branch structure. This crop will be treated with B-Nine /Cycocel sprays early in the crop. Since the crop is under natural days, we project it to finish by Nov. 18.