University of Florida

2010 Advent Red - Natural Days

Growth Regulators Applied / Height graph

Graph shows projected plant heights during production of the crop. Dots are plotted actual height each week. Arrows indicate when PGRs are applied with details in the weekly notes. We use the “late” graphical tracking curve and heights are from bench to height of growing tip. Heights are plotted from date of pinching to projected date of finish.

Growth Regulator Graph


Advent Red November 2nd11/02

Past week has been warm during the day and cool at night giving a large positive temperature difference, which promotes elongation.  For next week, day temperatures will be lower but still warm.

This crop of Advent Red has worked out well and is finishing on schedule.  Advent has the potential for rapid elongation, which you can see in late Sept.  However, it is sensitive to PGR applications and the elongation is fairly easily controlled.  The early Bonzi drench at 0.2 ppm on Aug 31 worked to control early growth.  The two applications at 0.1 ppm on Sep. 28 and Oct.5 effectively controlled elongation in the middle of the crop.  Going into the end of the crop only a drench at 0.2 ppm was needed on Oct. 19, which had little noticeable effect on bract size.  With the normally smaller bracts of Advent, it is best to avoid doing higher late drench rates.

Advent Red October 26th10/26

We have had a few days of warmer weather and growth reflects that.  Forecast is for a couple more warm days and then cooler.  It was good that we drenched this crop last week.  The crop is on schedule and will probably be at about 16” next week.

Advent Red October 19th10/19

Temperatures have been average or below, and all of our crops are growing slower than last year.  For this group of Advent Red, the heights are just about where we expected after the drench 2 weeks ago.  We need to drench this crop now to make sure it does not bolt in next couple of weeks.  We are drenching with Bonzi at 0.2 ppm hoping it gives enough control with little effect on bract expansion.

Advent Red October 12th10/12

The weather is continuing to be good with high light levels.  The Bonzi drench applied last week had the effect we wanted on this crop of Advent.  Now, we do not anticipate much problem finishing this crop.  Even if they do grow a lot this next week, they will not be too tall.

Advent Red October 5th10/05

The weather is continuing to be about normal.  The Bonzi drench applied last week slowed elongation some on this crop.  First color is starting this week, so the crop appears to be on schedule.  The growing tips on these plants are elongating.  If we do not treat, the plants could possibly grow more than desired this next week and then we might need to do a stronger late drench next week.  While the current heights are fine, we are doing another Bonzi drench at 0.1 ppm this week.  If this drench has good effect we might be able to finish the crop without another drench.  But if we do have to apply a late drench, it will be later when there is less risk of affecting bract size.

Advent Red September 28th9/28

Temperatures have been average or slightly above.  This crop of Advent has resumed elongation after being controlled for 3 weeks.  This is a similar growth pattern as we saw last year for this variety.  This week we are applying a Bonzi drench at 0.1 ppm.

Advent Red September 21st9/21

Our weather has been about average and is predicted to continue.  The Bonzi drench applied 3 weeks ago has held a little longer than we expected and this crop did not grow the past week as much as we had anticipated.  For now, we will see where the heights are next week.

Advent September 14th9/14

The Bonzi drench at 0.2 ppm has slowed elongation of  this Advent crop for 2 weeks.  With the good weather, elongation should speed up now.  We project the height to be at top of curve next week and the crop will probably be drenched again.

Advent September 7th9/7

Weather is continuing warm but not too hot and all crops are growing relatively fast.  The Bonzi drench applied last is working as expected to reduce elongation of these Advent Red.  We will see how they grow this next week.  Advent is a very early variety and our past research would indicate that this crop will initiate flowering in the next few days.

Advent August 31st8/31

The weather this past week was not too hot and very good for growth.  These Advent have really gotten off to a good start.  We are applying an early Bonzi drench at 0.2 ppm, which is the highest rate we use for an early drench.

Advent August 24th8/24

Lateral shoot growth on these Advent is off to a strong start, which is what we would expect for this variety.  We could make a PGR application now, but will wait until next week. 

Advent August 17th8/17

Advent Red is one of the earliest finishing varieties and its use has been expanding the past couple of years.  Advent produces very strong, upright branches.   We had it on a delayed schedule last year which was warm and height control on several varieties was difficult.  As you can see in the 2009 graph, Advent can be very vigorous, but we were able to control it successfully.  We will be using the early Bonzi drench technique on this crop.