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Nursery tree production

nice treeWelcome to one of the most complete, well illustrated sources of information about growing high-quality trees in a nursery with more than 600 photos and illustrations. The web site is partially funded by the Great Southern Tree Conference and is a companion to "Illustrated guide to pruning, third edition" (See: third edition).

These resources will familiarize you with the techniques and tools needed to grow quality root systems and canopies on shade trees. Click on any of the following links to learn basic and detailed information on techniques you can begin to use today to improve and maintain production protocols.

Introduction photos and story
Tree quality | Root system: growing | Goals | Trunk | Summary | Pruning cuts | Year one | Year two | Year three | Pruning tools | Staking | Branch creation | Propagation | Irrigation | Nursery management | Specifications

Fact sheets: (pdf) Selecting quality trees from the nursery, Production tree pruning
BMP: Strategies for producing quality trees (pdf, 27 pages in color)
BMP: BMP Toolbox

Video: Planting Strategy

Video: Pruning Nursery Trees