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Site analysis: choosing trees appropriate for the site

The benefits of a thorough site analysis are many. Trees often live for decades (sometimes longer), if given the proper conditions to grow in. Having healthy trees on your property pays you back in lower air conditioning bills, reduced tree and sidewalk maintenance costs, and complements from friends and neighbors. Everyone wins!

Take the extra bit of time to read the introduction below, which explains the steps of a site analysis and the basic purpose. Once you have gone through all the steps of the analysis, the site attributes can then be entered into the tree selection database, which will pull up a list of trees suitable for those conditions.
Introduction | Evaluate above-ground attributes | Evaluate below-ground attributes | Evaluate maintenance practices | Choosing desirable tree attributes | Diversity of species | Making the final tree selection

A quick reference, printable site evaluation form
Fact sheet: Site evaluation and species selection (pdf)