University of Florida

2009 Monet Twilight

Growth Regulators Applied / Height graph

Graph shows projected plant heights during production of the crop. Dots are plotted actual height each week. Arrows indicate when PGRs are applied with details in the weekly notes. We use the “late” graphical tracking curve and heights are from bench to height of growing tip. Heights are plotted from date of pinching to projected date of finish.

Growth regulator height graph


Monet Twilight December 1st12/01

This crop of Monet Twilight is finishing a little tall and we used a significant amount of PGR in this warm year. We actually should have used higher rates for the October drench applications.

Monet Twilight November 24th11/24

With the continued warm temperatures this crop of Monet Twilight has grown too much. Because this variety can become weak if the plants are too tall, we are applying another Bonzi drench at 1.0 ppm. The crop should be finished next week.

Monet Twilight November 17th11/17

These Monet Twilight grew more than expected the past week. We are applying a late Bonzi drench at 1.0 ppm. Monet Twilight has large bracts, so some reduction in bract size will not be very apparent. However, it can become stretched and weak at the end, which is a possibility with the warm temperatures. The plants are on schedule for finishing in 2 weeks.

Monet Twilight November 10th11/10

These Monet Twilight look good and color is starting. However, there is not enough bract development to meet the criteria for a late drench. We want to try and make sure the crop does not grow too much. We are applying a Bonzi drench at 0.5 ppm and will see were the plants are next week.

Monet Twilight November 3rd11/03

This crop looks good and the first hint of color is starting on a few plants. We are again applying a Bonzi drench at 0.1 ppm, which should help keep elongation on track.

Monet Twilight October 27th10/27

These Monet Twilight look good, but there is potential for considerable growth with the high temperatures. So, we are applying a Bonzi drench at 0.1 ppm to provide a little control.

Monet Twilight October 20th10/20

Heights on this crop are better now. We want these plants to grow about 3 inches in 6 weeks, so we will have to continue watching them. The next 2 weeks will be important for setting up how this crop finishes.

Monet Twilight October 13th10/13

Monet Twilight can be very vigorous and can have poor stem strength if allowed to elongate too fast. We are again making an early Bonzi drench at 0.15 ppm.

Monet Twilight October 6th10/06

We anticipate needing to do 2-4 more PGR applications to this crop. This week we are applying an early Bonzi drench at 0.15 ppm. We might be able to reduce the number of applications by using a higher rate compared to the 0.1 that we most commonly use.

Monet Twilight September 29th9/29

We are not spraying the Monet Twilight this week, but expect that we will need to treat them next week.

Monet Twilight September 22nd9/22

This crop of Monet Twilight is not starting out too fast. However, because of its inherent vigor we are making a low rate spray of B-Nine and Cycocel at 1,000 each. This will help slow elongation just a little. It should also help create a little better stem strength on a variety that can be weak.

Monet Twilight September 15th9/15

We will probably make the first PGR application on this crop next week.

Monet Twilight September 8th9/08

Last year we did Monet Twilight on this schedule and had good success with 4 early Bonzi drench applications and a late drench. This year we will start with sprays and shift to early drench applications after first of October.