University of Florida

Pinus serotina

Common name(s): Pond Pine, Marsh Pine

Plant type: evergreen large tree
Primary method of propagation: seed
Alternate propagation method(s): cutting, grafting/budding, layering

Propagation by Cuttings

Cutting type: stem tipstem tip
Time of year to take cuttings: late Autumn
Cutting maturity: semi-hardwoodsemi-hardwood
Rooting hormone: IBA TALC 8000 PPMIBA TALC 8000 PPM
Rooting environment: intermittent mist
Soil temperature for best rooting: 75-80 degrees F
Time to rooting: 16-22 weeks
Comment: Juvenile cuttings from younger trees root best.

Propagation by Seed

Time of year to collect seed: Summer
Time of year to sow seed: Summer
Seed treatment: 40 degrees F for 2 months.
Preferred temperature for germination: 72 degrees F
Time required for germination: 2-6 weeks
Comment: Kiln drying cones. Fungicide to control damping-off.

Propagation by Layering

Type of Layering: air
Time of year to layer: early Summer
Wounding: remove a ring of bark

Propagation by Grafting

Time of year to graft: late Winter
Type of graft: side graft