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Environmental Horticulture Graduate Program

Environmental Horticulture Graduate Program


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UF Travel Grants


ScholarshipsResidenceGPADeadlineFinancial NeedUndergrad
or Grad
Agriculture Woman's Club USA 3.5 2/28 No G
American Society of
Horticulture Science
* ASHS Scholars Award USA N/A 2/6 No U
* E. Ted Sims, Jr. Memorial Scholarship USA N/A 2/6 No U
* Collegiate Scholars Award USA 3.0 2/13 No U
* ASHS Student Travel Grants USA N/A 4/1 No U, G
* Outstanding Undergrad Hort Student USA   2/13 No U
* Arthur Andres Memorial Scholarship Unrestricted N/A Fall No U, G
Assn. Landscape Contractors of America USA N/A 1/24 No U
American Floral Endowment     
Mosmiller Scholar Program-10-16 weeks USA N/A 11/1 No U
Vic & Margaret Ball Internship Prog. USA N/A 11/1 No U
Harold F. Wilkins USA N/A 11/1-3/1 No U, G
Bartlett Tree Foundation Scholarship USA N/A   No U
Batson Internship Scholarship UF-ENH N/A N/A No U
Florida Nursery, Growers and Landscape Assn.     
Action Chapter FNGLA N/A 2.75 6/15 No U, G
Broward County FNGLA Broward Co. 2.0 5/1 No U, G
Big Bend FNGLA Big Bend area 2.8 4/1 No U, G
Central East Coast Chapter FNGLA Volusia, Flagler Co. 2.8 6/1 No U, G
Dade County FNGLA N/A 2.0 1/1 No U, G
Northeast Chapter NE-Clay, Putnam, Duval Co. N/A N/A No U, G
Royal Palm Chapter FNGLA Royal Palm area N/A 10/15-3/15 No U, G
Tampa Bay Chapter FNGLA Tampa Bay area N/A 6/15 Yes U, G
Batson-Gene and Barbara Unrestricted N/A N/A Yes U
* Bloom 'n Grow Garden Society Orange/Lake Co. N/A 4/1 Yes U, G
Bob Hoskins/Sandy McDougald Palm Beach Co. 3.2 5/31 Yes U
Lisa Burton Scholarship USA N/A 3/31 Yes U
Dade County AGRI-Council Fellow & Sch USA N/A 2/13 Yes G
Davey Arbor Grant N/A 2.5 6/15 Yes U
Davidson Travel Scholarship N/A N/A 10/1   G
ENH Grad Student Association     
FIRST-floriculture Indus Res & Sch Trust N/A N/A May 1 Yes U, G
Florida Federation of Garden Club FL - US Citizen 3.0 5/1 N/A U, G
Florida Fertilizer & Ag Chemical Assn FL N/A 10/15 N/A U, G
Florida Turfgrass Association FL N/A Spring Yes U
Garden Club of America - study abroad USA        
Garden Writers Foundation N/A 3.0 1/12 N/A U
Golf Course Superintendents Association     
The Scotts Company Scholars Program N/A N/A 3/1 N/A U
GCSAA Scholars Competition N/A N/A 6/1 N/A U
GCSAA Legacy Award Program Parent Employed N/A 4/15 N/A U
GCSAA Watson Fellowships Program N/A N/A 10/1 N/A G
GCSAA Student Essay Contest N/A N/A 3/31 N/A U, G
GPN/NEXUS Internship N/A N/A 10/18 N/A U
Greater Jacksonville Ag Fair N FL Counties N/A 10/10 N/A U, G
Halifax Country-Garden Club FL - US Citizen 2.5 4/15 Yes U, G
IFAS Scholarship US Citizen N/A 3/15 Yes U
  N/A N/A   N/A 
Joiner Graduate Student Scholarship N/A N/A 10/1-4/15 N/A G
Joseph Shinoda Scholarship N/A N/A 3/30 N/A U
* Lawn & Garden Marketing and Dist Assn N/A N/A Fall N/A U, G
National Foliage Foundation/James H Davis FL 2.0 1/15 Yes U, G
Am Orchid Soc 11th World Orchid Conf N/A   4/15 N/A U, G
Orlando Garden Club     
Mary S. Compton FL 3.0 4/1 Yes U
Ann Guthrie FL 3.0 4/1 Yes U
Palm Beach Wholesale Growers Assn FL N/A 4/1 N/A U, G
Perennial Plant Association N/A 3.0 3/1 N/A U
Phelps Scholarship HOS/ENH/TURF N/A 9/15 Yes U
Professional Grounds Management Soc N/A N/A 4/1 N/A U, G
Professional Landcare Network Members, Member's Dependents        
SavATree N/A N/A 11/1 seniors
4/1 others
No U
Sports Turf Managers Association N/A N/A 10/15 Yes U
Sidney B Meadows SE States-US Citizen 2.25 5/31 Yes U, G
* Sweetwater Oaks Garden Club USA 3.0   Yes U
TORO Sports Turf Training Program N/A N/A 11/15   U
Turf & Ornamental Communicators Assn USA 2.5 3/1 N/A U
University Women's Club N/A N/A 2/16 N/A U
* Windermere Garden Club USA 3.0 8/1 Yes U



Elise M. Willis

Elise M. Willis

Congratulations Elise M. Willis! 2022 Fall Recipient of the John P. White Scholarship and The 2022 recipient of the Garden Club of America Zone VI Fellowship in Urban Forestry. Elise, is a UF/IFAS Department of Environmental Horticulture graduate student, studying at the Gulf Coast Research and Education Center.

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John P. White Scholarship

The Garden Club of America Zone VI Fellowship in Urban Forestry