University of Florida

Juglans hindsii x regia

Common name(s): Paradox Hybrid Walnut

Plant type: deciduous large tree
Primary method of propagation: seed
Alternate propagation method(s): cutting, layering, grafting/budding

Propagation by Cuttings

Cutting type: stem tip
Time of year to take cuttings: Winter
Cutting maturity: softwood, hardwood
Rooting hormone: IBA TALC 8000 PPM
Rooting environment: intermittent mist
Soil temperature for best rooting: 75 degrees F
Time to rooting: 6-8 weeks
Comment: Wound cuttings.

Propagation by Seed

Time of year to collect seed: Autumn
Time of year to sow seed: Summer
Seed treatment: stratify 40 degrees F 4-5 months.
Preferred temperature for germination: 70-85 degrees F
Time required for germination: 4-6 weeks
Comment: Fumigate and mulch seed beds. Use screen wires against rodents.

Propagation by Layering

Type of Layering: air, trench
Time of year to layer: late Winter
Wounding: remove a ring of bark
Comment: Orchard plantable stocks are produced in two years after girdling etiolated shoots.

Propagation by Grafting

Type of graft: whip, 'T'
Comment: The best time for grafting/budding for whip is Summer and for 'T' is Autumn. Seedlings are cut off 10-14 days before grafting for the sap to dry up. When the grafter begins, seedlings are cut 1-2 inches to remove the dry surface.