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Paper pot produced good roots

This Ellepot made of very thin paper (shown at right) grew the two root systems shown below. It is constructed of very thin paper. Notice that the paper sits in a plastic holder pot with very little plastic. The bottom of the plastic holder must have very little plastic in contact with the bottom surface of the substrate. This is important since plastic deflects roots. Elle pots set into traditional solid plastic containers do not produce good roots; this is not recommended.

Elle pot containers reduce deflected roots because some to many roots grow through the paper. With the right humidity conditions in the greenhouse the root tips die back once they grow through the paper. This causes the root to branch inside the paper. Roots on some tree species are hesitant to grow through the paper. More research and experience is needed

trees in ellpots

Elle pot shown above in a plastic holder tray.

deflected conocarpus roots

Roots on this Conocarpus cutting deflected when they hit the side of the paper. Further research will show whether this is a species effect or a result of roots from cuttings hitting the paper at an angle.

cypress roots from elle pot

Taxodium grown from seed in Elle pot produced a nice root system because roots grew through the paper and did not deflect.