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Cabling and bracing trees

Trees with bark inclusions and other defects can be braced together with rods (right) and cables. This helps prevent the trunks from separating from each other. Arborists with special training and equipment perform this type of service. Cables are typically placed about two-thirds the way up from a weak union. Bracing such as shown on the right is installed close to or in the union. There is a ANSI A300 national standard for cabling and bracing trees.

Trees secured together with cables, rods, and other bracing systems should be inspected at regular intervals in order to check for and make needed adjustments. Pruning to reduce the size of the entire canopy, or parts on it, should be considered when installing support systems. Where pruning is appropriate, it should be done immediately prior to installing the system.
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tree with cabling
tree with cabling
cabled oak