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Here is a large tree secured with a rod system. Installing a support system in a tree in this advanced stage of decay would be considered a heroic effort and would usually be saved only for very valuable trees. This is a method used for many years by professional arborists.

large tree with rod system


tree with rod system

Drilling to create a hole to insert threaded rod through stems.

A long bit is needed to drill a straight hole.

young oak tre

Despite the poor form , cabling and bracing may not be appropriate. The young live oak on the lower left should be pruned to reduce the growth rate on the right hand stem. Cabling a young specimen of a species capable of growing to a large size does not make sense; the tree will outgrow the capacity of the support system to hold it.

tree with armillaria root rot

This tree has a severe defect, and roots are infected with armillaria root rot (not visible in the photo). This tree should be removed, not braced or cabled.