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Buttonwood grown in different propagation containers

Buttonwood (Conocarpus erectus) cuttings in two different propagation container types grew different root systems in 6 weeks. The container is shown on the left; the root system grown in that container is shown on the right.

smooth sided propagation container

Smooth sided propagation container.


root system from smooth sided container

Root system from a smooth sided container. Most roots are deflected down to the bottom of the pot. Some are deflected around.

elle pot propagation container

Elle pot propagation container made from paper. Roots grew through paper and were then deflected by the plastic holder tray shown below. A tray with less plastic is needed so roots do not deflect.




root system from an Elle pot container

Root system from an Elle pot container. Roots grew at a less steep angle down compared to the root system in the smooth sided container. This was due to a combination of the wider dimensions of the pot and the porous sides which encouraged lateral growth with less deflection.

plants in holder tray

Roots on the tree shown above were deflected by the plastic in the holder tray after they grew through the paper. We need a holder tray constructed of less plastic. The flat surfaces of the holder tray should be oriented radially from the trunk so roots are not deflected by a flat surface.