Seed Biology Lab


Evolution, Eco-physiology and Global Importance of Seeds  (HOS 6932)

The course explores topics related to: evolutionary aspects of seeds and interesting seed adaptations; how seeds interact with multiple biotic and abiotic environments in order to maintain viability and complete the germination process; and multiple roles of seeds in geo-political systems, economics, and humanity. The course will be offered this summer.

Field Studies in Public Gardens Management ORH4932 (Section 0148, Summer A Even)

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This is a field-based course focusing on first hand observation and evaluation of public gardens. Students interact directly with executive-level garden administrators to develop an understanding of important, timely themes related to the operation and management of public gardens. Students are expected to attend multi-day field trips across Florida.

Advanced Field Studies in Public Gardens Management HOS6932 (Section 037C, Summer A Even)

Graduate students complete a Public Gardens Management Roadmap. The purpose of this assignment if for students to look inward reflecting on their current skill and knowledge set pertaining to public gardens management. This self-assessment will serve as a basis for developing a strategic plan to achieve success in some aspect of public gardens management. The strategic plan should consist of a vision statement (what you want to be in terms of PGM), mission statement, goals and specific strategies.