University of Florida

2011 Prestige Early Red

Growth Regulators Applied / Height graph

Graph shows projected plant heights during production of the crop. Dots are plotted actual height each week. Arrows indicate when PGRs are applied with details in the weekly notes. We use the “late” graphical tracking curve and heights are from bench to height of growing tip. Heights are plotted from date of pinching to projected date of finish.

2011 growth chart for Prestige Early Red poinsettia


Prestige Early Red poinsettia 11-1511/15

This crop of Prestige Early has finished in good shape. It is an easy variety to grow from a height control standpoint. Two Bonzi drenches at 0.1 ppm each were applied in middle of Oct. This is an example of how the low-dose drench can be used to slow elongation of a crop and reduce the need for the use of higher rates later in the crop. Temperatures starting the last week of September were about normal and did not cause significant heat delay on this crop, which was similar to the 2010 crop. To see how this variety performs in a year with significant heat delay, see the examples in 2007 and 2009.

Prestige Early Red poinsettia 11-811/8

This crop of Prestige Early looks like it will be in good shape next week.

Prestige Early Red poinsettia 11-111/1

This crop of Prestige Early looks good and should finish in good shape.

Prestige Early Red poinsettia 10-2510/25

The response in these Prestige Early to the PGR applied the past 2 weeks is about what was expected. The plants look very good and will finish at about 15 inches. Visible bud is occurring now and the crop should finish on time.

Prestige Early Red poinsettia 10-1810/18

We made another Bonzi drench at 0.1 ppm to this crop. There will be some cumulative effects from the two applications a week apart. We could have gone either way on treating this week. The plants look good and shoot tips are not stacked and tight. So if not treated, there would be a chance that the plants would push a little above 16". This additional treatment should bring heights down to about 15". About 50% of plants are showing color now and it looks like crop will finish on time.

Prestige Early Red poinsettia 10-1110/11

This crop of Early Prestige grew almost 2" this week, which is a lot for this low vigor variety. The plants have not been treated with a PGR. We are applying an early Bonzi drench at 0.1 ppm and expect that this will be the only PGR needed on this crop. We expect first color next week.

Prestige Early Red poinsettia 10-410/4

These plants look very good. If we do not have unseasonably high temperatures, we may be able to finish this crop without any PGRs.

Prestige Early Red poinsettia 9-279/27

These Prestige Early continue to look very good. Initiation in this variety is very sensitive to heat delay. Our temps the past week have been slightly above normal and ADT has been around 76-77. Forecast is for average or below temps for next couple of weeks. So we expect this crop will delay some but not as much as in 2009. An important factor for actual finish time now will be our temps in late Oct. and early Nov.

Prestige Early Red poinsettia 9-209/20

This crop of Prestige Early is doing well at this stage. The weather forecast is for about normal temperatures, which would mean that flower initiation in Prestige Early would not be delayed very much. Thus, this crop would not need much PGR.

Prestige Early Red poinsettia 9-139/13

These plants continue to look good and a PGR is not needed.

Prestige Early Red poinsettia 9-69/6

This crop is doing fine and we may make a PGR application in a couple of weeks.

Prestige Early Red poinsettia 8-308/30

Prestige Early is not very vigorous and we will probably not need to apply a PGR until 3-4 weeks after pinch.

Prestige Early Red poinsettia 8-238/23

Prestige Early Red is usually fairly easy to grow and normally height control is not difficult. With the variety what we pay attention to is how delay (Heat Delay) is caused by temperatures in late September and early October.