University of Florida

2011 Orion Red

Growth Regulators Applied / Height graph

Graph shows projected plant heights during production of the crop. Dots are plotted actual height each week. Arrows indicate when PGRs are applied with details in the weekly notes. We use the “late” graphical tracking curve and heights are from bench to height of growing tip. Heights are plotted from date of pinching to projected date of finish.

2011 growth chart for Orion Red poinsettia


Orion Red poinsettia 11-1511/15

This Orion crop looks very good. Compared to past two years, we shortened the schedule by a week, and less PGR was needed. Bract expansion in Orion is much better when less PGR is used during bract development. It can be vigorous with considerable elongation in second half of the crop, so our strategy this year along with the mild day temperatures worked out well.

Orion Red poinsettia 11-811/8

These Orion are working out well. There is enough bract development that they could be shipped this week if needed, but will look very good next week.

Orion Red poinsettia 11-111/1

These plants look good and we should have good bract expansion. They will probably finish between 15 and 16 inches. Weather is forecast to be seasonably mild and we are not applying a late drench to this crop. If high temperatures were predicted, we would drench this variety this week to insure it did not elongate too much.

Orion Red poinsettia 10-2510/25

We like the response we got from the drench last week and will see where the plants are next week. Hopefully they will finish at 15-16" without any additional PGR.

Orion Red poinsettia 10-1810/18

This Orion crop is doing well and should finish on time. Shoot tips are continuing to elongate. We feel this is a critical point for this crop. We are trying to avoid shrinking the bracts too much, which has happened with our Orion the past two years. The cooler day temperatures in next couple of weeks will help. If we let this crop go this week, then next week we would have to make a late drench application at 1 ppm. But, we are doing a Bonzi drench this week at 0.2 ppm. This should reduce amount of PGR needed in next couple of weeks and allow more bract development before another treatment.

Orion Red poinsettia 10-1110/11

We are in a much better situation with this crop of Orion compared to the past couple of years. With the cool nights and warm days forecast, this crop should grow near 1.5" this next week and we will do another drench then.

Orion Red poinsettia 10-410/4

Good weather should continue for another week and we do not expect this crop to bolt at 2 inches per week. However, we would like it to stay at less than 1 inch per week. So, we made a decision to drench again this week with Bonzi at 0.1 ppm. This reduces the amount that might be needed later when there will be more effect on bract expansion. About 10% of these plants are showing first signs of color.

Orion Red poinsettia 9-279/27

We did a Bonzi drench on this crop last week and the plants look good. We are not treating this week, but expect to do another drench next week.

Orion Red poinsettia 9-209/20

With the seasonably normal weather this crop of Orion has started growing faster. This week, we are applying an early Bonzi drench at 0.1 ppm to keep heights under control.

Orion Red poinsettia 9-139/13

We are deciding to not apply a PGR on these Orion. With the shorter schedule this crop is on, we should not have to apply as much PGR as in the past couple of years. We expect to make an application next week.

Orion Red poinsettia 9-69/6

We will make the first PGR application to this crop of Orion next week.

Orion Red poinsettia 8-308/30

Orion is a popular variety for early markets and we have it scheduled to finish 11/15. Orion can be vigorous and excess PGRs can affect bract expansion and appearance, which can be seen in the 2009 and 2010 examples with Orion. This year we have it on a later schedule and pinch date is a week later. Hopefully we will not have to use as much PGR.