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FloraGator was inspired by the Flowering Plant Family Identification site built by Ray Phillips at Colby College. The biological illustrations used here are from the first edition of Flora von Deutschland Österreich und der Schweiz by Otto Wilhelm Thomé, published in 1885, and were downloaded as high-resolution scans from Kurt Stüber's online library of historic books. Some of the nifty bits of javascript used to run the site include jQuery, jQueryUI, ScrollTo, and jqZoom Evolution. This project was funded by the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences at the University of Florida through the 2010 CALS Minigrant Program for Distance Education. The Primary Investigators for the grant were Dr. Sandra Wilson (faculty) and Niels Proctor (graduate student). The alligator designs on the site were created by the very talented Cory Thoman. Thanks to the great people at Stack Overflow for their help with the tricky programming questions. Thanks also to the University of Florida Herbarium where I conducted most of the research to assemble the family information. And a very special thanks to Nureet and Tyto for their love, support, and good cheer while this site was being constructed.

- Niels Proctor, PhD student, University of Florida

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