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General Questions

What is a multiple-entry key?

What is a plant family?

What is an APG III family?

Which families are included in this key?

Can any plant in those families be successfully identified by FloraGator?

Which characters are included in this key?

Would FloraGator work world-wide?

How long did it take to assemble your database?

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Student Questions

Why is the key so technical? Can't you dumb it down a bit?

Help! There's no glossary! What do terms like "perigone tube" mean?

What do the numbers in the results list mean?

What do I need to turn in?

Can't I just cheat if I recognize the plant in the picture?

Now that I've tried the key, to whom should I express my joy / frustration / satisfaction / confusion / suggestions for improvement?

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Instructor Questions

What kinds of courses might use FloraGator?

What are students likely to learn from using FloraGator?

How can I use FloraGator in my courses?

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