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Photo examples of pruning mature trees

Pruning mature trees should focus on reducing defects that could cause branch breakage or total tree failure.

before pruning

Before pruning: This leaning tree was heavy with foliage on the top left.

after pruning

After pruning: Branches toward the top-left of the tree were shortened with reduction cuts back to live lateral branches. No lower branches were removed or shortened.

before pruning

Before pruning: The goal was to reduce likelihood of the tree damaging the building in strong winds. The top right portion of the upper canopy was more dense than the left.

after pruning

After pruning: The two largest branches in the top right side of the canopy were thinned by removing 3-4 in diameter branches. See photos below for detail.

tree before branch reduction

Closeup of tree above before reducing branch.

after branch redution

After reducing branch the canopy is thinner thus reducing the wind force on this portion of the tree. See: research.

2 stems removed

Two stems of this size were removed and two a bit smaller than this were removed.