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Broken center

broken center of treeIt is clear that the codominant stem with the bark inclusion was the main contributing factor in this tree failure. Restoration will be difficult and will take many years. A skilled arborist will be needed for this work. Closure of the large 18-inch-long wound may take 10 years or more and the dead area in the trunk will represent a weak spot on the tree.

Treatment: If restoration will be attempted then allow the tree to sprout for a couple of years. At that time, reduce the longest branches back to a living lateral branch. This procedure reduces the likelihood of these long branches from breaking. You are attempting to encourage growth in one upright stem which will become the main dominant trunk on the tree. Reduce the length of any stems and branches that have bark inclusions each time the tree is pruned. (Photos courtesy of Scott Jones)

clost up of snapped off branch