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Raising strategy comparisons

Good management Poor management

Trees with a dominant leader and small diameter lateral branches are easy to raise for clearance.

Trees with low large branches like this one are difficult to raise. People are reluctant to remove the low branches.

There is little negative response inside the tree when only small-diameter low branches are removed. Clearance is adequate and the removed branches will not grow back. The tree generates more growth higher on the leader which will provide for more permanent clearance than the management strategy shown at right. The future growth will occur over the building instead of into the side of the building. Photos courtesy Brian Kempf.

Instead of removing the large low branches which would leave a large void in the crown, only small diameter secondary branches are removed from the main large branches. Clearance is poor because the wood of the large retained low branches still blocks view of the businesses, and sprouts are generated from the cuts which grow to again block views. Future growth on the tree will occur into the building.