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Illustrated tree planting

(Click on photographs for more information- suggest starting at top-left photo)

Start by locating the root flare in the root ball (See: root flare detail). Soil and media above the root flare should be removed either before planting or after the tree is set in the planting hole.

pick up tree with wide straps
Pick the tree up carefully with wide straps.

drive slowly
Drive slowly so root ball remains intact.

cut circling roots
Remove synthetic materials and cut any circling roots.

root ball above ground
Position the point where the top-most root emerges from trunk a couple inches above grade.

handle on shovel
Use the handle of a shovel to check that root ball surface is above surrounding soil.

peel fabric from root ball
Peel fabric from the top of the ball.

cut fabric from ball
Cut fabric from the ball.

remove root defects
Remove root defects.

root ball slightly above ground
After backfilling root ball remains slightly above surrounding soil.

mulched tree
Mulch, but not on root ball. Add plenty of water.