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Irrigating and fertilizing storm-impacted trees

fallen treeIrrigation can be helpful in maintaining the vitality of storm impacted trees.1) It can encourage root growth in trees were stood up after the storm and trees that were broken or defoliated. Once the rains from the storm are over and soil begins to dry, irrigation can help maintain the soil in a moist condition. This will encourage root growth necessary for tree recovery. 2) Many trees and shrubs die in the weeks following storm surge due to the drying effects of salt water. Irrigation can be used to leach salts from coastal soil that was covered with storm surge. Irrigate daily for several days as soon as power returns.

Fertilizers and other materials applied to the soil are not known to impact the recovery of healthy trees from storm damage. Nutrient deficient trees could respond to applications of fertilizers once trees have recovered in a year or two.