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Clarifying usage of grades and standards: dogleg

Frustrating issue: Trees are rejected if they have a dog leg anywhere in the canopy, no matter how high up.

What grades and standards says: The Grades and Standards document printed in 1998 page 10 in the Florida #2 text on the bottom right portion of the page states "If there is one trunk, but it has a bow greater than 15 degrees or a dog leg (see glossary), grade it #2. This created some confusion so this was clarified in the update. The update published on the Division of Plant Industry web site (click here for updates) states "A dog leg in the crown of the tree is not a downgrading factor."

Summary statement: Do not downgrade a tree if it has a dog leg above the point where the canopy begins. In other words if the dog leg is inside the canopy, do not downgrade the tree.