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Air digging trench or loosening soil


AirSpade or Supersonic Air Knife pushes air at a very high rate of speed through a hollow tub (see right photo). One of the advantages of using these type of tools near and under trees is that the high speed air moves soil without damaging roots (see photo below). This allows for installation of irrigation lines and other utilities under the canopy of a tree without damaging roots. The tools can also be used to diagnose root system problems including deep planting and circling or kinked roots and they can locate roots for tree preservation.

These tools can be used to loosen compacted soil that is not able to support root growth. After soil is loosened, mix organic matter in with the loosened soil using a the Airspade or Supersonic Air Knife. This loose mixture is very conducive to root growth.

loosened soil froma airspade use

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