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Tristania conferta, Brisbane Box

Brisbane Box is planted with regularity along streets in southern California and in many cities in Australia including those in humid climates. It is moderately sized with showy bark. Flowers are small and inconspicuous to most people. Newly planted trees need regular irrigation to become well established. Once roots have est ablished themselves in the landscape (this takes about 6 months for each inch of trunk diameter) irrigation can be cut back. Most trees are grown with several trunks originating close to the ground. This form shows off the bark well. Branches are mostly upright and do not droop to get in the way of traffic.

Plants should be watered faithfully and protected from heavy frost. Once established, trees require only occasional irrigation in the summer. Multiple-trunked specimens are best suited for planting in gardens and lawns as an accent, or shade tree. The trunks are remarkably showy and will be the source of comments from neighbors and friends. This is a wonderful tree suited for many uses in any landscape. Trees perform well along streets and in parking lot islands.

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Brisbane Box

Brisbane Box

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Brisbane Box