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Tipuana tipu, Tipuana

Tipuana canopy fills with bright yellow flowers in summer to display one of the most beautiful flowering trees for warm climates. Trees adapt to the conditions created along streets and grows well in sidewalk cutouts. Like other medium and large sized trees it can eventually lift sidewalks. Allow plenty of soil space for proper root and lower trunk development since trunks tend to buttress out at the base. Seed pods can create a litter problem on walks. Trees tend to form low co-dominant stems so caretakers need to be vigilant in their pruning efforts to avoid formation of included bark, and to keep these branches small in diameter near streets and parking lots.

Trees in their native forest habitat typically have one leader or trunk for several dozen feet, then trunks divide into several codominant stems toward the top of the tree. Unless properly pruned, trees in more open landscapes develop several codominant stems fairly close to the ground.

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Tipuana in Flower

Tipuana Flowers

Tipuana Bark