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Swietenia macrophylla,
Honduras Mahogany

Mahogany will grow in full sun or partial shade on a wide range of soil types, and is quite resistant to salt spray. Plants will respond with rapid growth to rich, well-drained soil and regular fertilizing. Roots can raise sidewalks and curbs when planted only 5 or 6 feet away.

Be sure that trees are planted and maintained with a central leader to develop a strong trunk and branch structure. Trees often develop several upright multiple leaders which significantly reduces the wind and storm tolerance of any tree, including Mahogany. Prune and train the tree while it is young to develop several major limbs spaced several feet apart along a central trunk. Do not allow branches to grow larger than about two-thirds the diameter of the trunk. This will increase the life span of Mahogany. Honduras Mahogany (S. macrocarpa) is now the source of Mahogany wood and is more upright and is a larger tree than West Indies Mahogany (S. mahogani).

Honduras Mahogany Photos

Honduras Mahogany

Honduras Mahogany Bark

Honduras Mahogany Leaves