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Peltophorum dubium, Copperpod

A fast-growing tree, this plant grows best in full sun on any well-drained soil. Temperatures in the high 20's cause the leaves to drop but these are quickly replaced. Young trees flower in 4 - 5 years. Plants can be found invading roadsides and other disturbed areas (the tree appears to be invasive). They grow just about anywhere the sol is well-drained. Prominent stipules are present at the base of the petioles which separates this tree from mimosa and jacaranda.

Trees often form included bark in the crotches and several upright stems which can make this tree weak and split apart. Follow the pruning guidelines below carefully to minimize formation of included bark and to minimize the potential damage from falling branches. Trees compartmentalize decay poorly resulting in decay in older trees, especially those that have been improperly pruned.

Trees cast light shade under the canopy making it easier to grow turf under the tree than under other trees with a denser canopy.

Copperpod Photos


Copperpod in Flower

Copperpod Leaves

Copperpod Flowers