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Mastichodendron foetidissimum, Mastic

The Mastic is a large growing tree casting deep shade as it grows older. Six-inch-long, dark green leaves provide an interesting texture to the residential landscape. Greenish flowers produced during the warm months are followed by an edible fruit that creates a mess when it falls to the ground.

The rounded canopy makes Mastic well suited for planting as a shade tree in parks and on large commercial landscapes. Use as a street tree is not advisable since the fruit create quite a mess under the tree for a period of time. It would be suitable for a large residential property away from walks, decks and patios. Plant in a sunny location away from structures. Native habitat includes coastal upland forests where it is one of many canopy trees. Here it can grow to more than 35-feet-tall.

Occurs from Cape Canaveral south along the coast to the lower Keys and up the west coast to Bradenton.

National champion for this Florida native is 118 x 94 feet in Florida.

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Mastic Bark

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