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Erythrina crista-galli,
Cockspur Coral Tree

The small size makes this tree suited for planting in small yards as well as in parks, golf courses and in other large landscapes. I have also seen many trees successfully used along wide boulevards and streets if located far enough from the street to allow for the drooping habit of the lower branches. Trees are tolerant of urban conditions and have performed well as street trees. Pollen can cause mild allergy reactions.

Multiple trunks rise into the canopy from the lower portion of the main trunk giving rise to a wide-spreading canopy casting dense shade. Trees do not compartmentalize decay well resulting in potentially extensive decay from trunk injuries. Included bark can form in the crotch of main branches, weakening the tree. Prune to one trunk and shorten limbs with bark inclusions to help prevent failure.

Cockspur Coral
Tree Photos

Cockspur Coral Tree Flower

Cockspur Coral Tree Bark

Cockspur Coral Tree Leaves

Cockspur Coral Tree Flowers