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Cordia boissieri, Wild Olive

Wild Olive grows and flowers best in full sun or partial shade on well-drained soils and is highly drought-tolerant. Although considered hardy to about 20-degrees F., Wild Olive will lose its leaves in a severe frost. Cordia boissieri is frost-resistant (tolerating temperatures in the high 20's) and has stunning white flowers with yellow centers. Pollen can cause mild allergies.

Most people grow this plant with several trunks originating from one point at ground level. The tree can be trained to one trunk for use near walks and patios where clearance beneath the canopy is needed. Begin this process as soon as possible, preferably in the nursery. Purchase plants with one trunk if you intend to grow the tree near a walk or patio. Use it to accent an area or to create a living screen.

National champion is 25 x 33 feet in Texas.

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Wild Olive

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Wild Olive

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