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Colubrina arborescens,
Coffee Colubrina

Native to south Florida in the coastal upland plant community and the Caribbean Basin, this small tree or large shrub can reach a height of 20 feet or more. Handsome, shiny leaves are borne on thin twigs covered with rust-colored hairs. Hairs occasionally extend onto the underside of leaves. Prominent yellow veins contrast with the dark green leaves. Plants grow in dense clusters in sunny or partially shaded locations.

Colubrina makes a good hedge or screen planting due to the dense canopy. Plant on 5 feet centers to establish a solid mass of foliage several years after planting. Single plants can be trained into a small tree by periodically removing lower foliage and branches as the tree grows taller. It will make a nice ornamental next to the patio or deck since the foliage is pretty and the fruit is small. Small fruit also make this plant suitable for planting near a swimming pool.

Soil in its native habitat is well-drained and sandy, usually with a slightly alkaline pH. In the Keys, plants grow in porous limestone.

C. elliptica is a similar plant growing in the Florida Keys and the Caribbean Basin. C. cubensis is an endangered plant in Florida. The fruit pops open to disburse the seeds. This gives the plant its common name of Soldierwood.

Native ranges is Miami to Key West in Florida, West Indies, Mexico, Central America.

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Coffee Colubrina

Coffee Colubrina

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