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Caesalpinia mexicana,
Mexican Caesalpinia

Fine textured foliage and bright yellow flowers borne on the new growth combine to make this a wonderful small tree or large shrub for any garden or landscape. Flowers cover the canopy for several months during the warm, rainy season. In tropical and subtropical regions, flowers may emerge any time during the year after it rains. Soft flowers and pinnately compound foliage contrast with the small, inconspicuous thorns present along the stems. The pods are slightly curled, poisonous if eaten, and seeds germinate only locally in the landscape. They do not appear to spread to other landscapes. Pollen causes significant allergy in certain people.

Locate Mexican Poinciana in full sun in any spot in the landscape including near a patio or deck, or in a shrub border to add color and texture. Train the plant into a small tree by removing lower foliage and branches, or let the rounded form develop with branches drooping to the ground if there is enough room for it to spread.

The outstanding flower display and small size makes it well suited for planting in a container, even in a hot, dry location. Good drought tolerance makes it well adapted for planting in parking lot buffers strips and in other tough sights. Best growth occurs on slightly acid to alkaline, sandy upland soil.

Mexican Caesalpinia

Mexican Caesalpinia

Mexican Caesalpinia Flowers

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