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Caesalpinia granadillo, Bridalveil Tree

Bridalveil Tree should be grown in full sun on well-drained soil. The tree is moderately drought-tolerant. Early pruning is needed to prevent bark from becoming included in the crotches. This condition can lead to branch failure. Keep lateral branches small in diameter with regular pruning the first 15 years after planting. Attempt to space main branches along a dominant trunk to increase the structural strength of the tree. The fine-textured foliage combines with an upright-vase shape to form a canopy tree with few equals.

Prune to maintain a dominant leader (one main trunk) by cutting back or removing competing leaders. Do this every 3 years for the first 15 years after planting. Do not allow branches with included bark to grow too large because they could split from the tree. This is best accomplished by removing some secondary branches (especially those toward the edge of the canopy) along those branches with included bark in the crotch.

Regularly reduce the length of low aggressive branches by making drop crotch cuts if these branches will be in the way later and have to be removed. This will prevent having to make large pruning wounds later because the pruned branches will grow slower. Large pruning wounds can initiate decay in the trunk and branches, and decay can advance rapidly

It is nice enough to plant in a residential lawn or can be located in a prominent location in a commercial landscape. If planted along a road, space 20 to 25 feet apart; or place it in a parking lot buffer strip or large island to create a nice canopy of soft foliage. Seeds usually do not germinate in the landscape. Pollen causes significant allergy in certain people. Trees cast light shade under the canopy making it easier to grow turf under the tree than under other trees with a denser canopy.

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Bridalveil Tree

Bridalveil Tree Bark

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Bridalveil Tree

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