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Bumelia lanuginosa,
Chittamwood or Bumelia

Chittamwood is a native of the southern US that grows best in full sun or partial shade on well-drained soils. Do not plant if soil does not drain well. Trees in the wild often grow slowly and are stunted if on poor soil, but with regular care they will grow well in a variety of landscapes.

Some young trees require training to display a tree-like form since a shrubby, rounded ball of foliage often develops without pruning. This would be a great tree for planting in parking lot islands and other tough sites anywhere in north and central Florida.

Trees occur naturally throughout northern Florida south to Titusville and Pinellas County. B. tenax occurs farther south primarily in the eastern half of the state to Broward County.

It is well suited for planting on an old landfill or other reclamation site due to drought tolerance and adaptability to a wide range of soil types. It could be planted in urban and suburban landscapes, especially in areas that receive minimum maintenance. The wood is hard and heavy but is reported to be weak. National champion is 80 x 66 feet in Texas.

Chittamwood / Bumelia Photos

Chittamwood / Bumelia

Chittamwood / Bumelia Leaves

Chittamwood / Bumelia  Leaves

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