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Bulnesia arborea, Bulnesia

Bulnesia is an excellent, low-growing tree for small yards, patios and other small-scale landscapes. It can be grown as a multi-stemmed clump or can be trained into a small tree with a single trunk up to 6 to 10 feet tall. The tree eventually grows about 20 to 30 feet tall and has an spreading, rounded, finely branched growth habit on several thick main branches which creates dense shade under the crown.

Trunks droop and spread as they grow older forming a canopy that is wider than tall. Bulnesia can grow rapidly when it is young if it receives water and fertilizer, but it is well-suited for planting close to power lines since it slows down and remains small at maturity.

The main ornamental value of Bulnesia is the brilliant yellow flowers displayed for 2 or 3 months during the warm season. It is a durable tree, tolerating poor soil. Like any other tree it needs irrigation during the establishment period, but then survives on rainfall alone in humid climates.

Bulnesia can be planted along streets beneath power lines provided that it is set back from the road to allow for the spreading canopy. Without early thinning and training, the multiple trunks droop considerably. Main branches and trunks can be headed back several times when the tree is young to create a more upright form. Remove lower branches early to force growth in the upper canopy for planting along streets and for other areas where clearance is needed beneath the canopy. The tree has been difficult to propagate and so it is not readily available in nurseries.

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