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Averrhoa carambola, Starfruit

Carambola should be grown in full sun or shifting shade only in frost-free locations. Soil should be well-drained and plants are not salt-tolerant. The beautiful golden-yellow fruits soon follow and are quite a curiosity, both for their appearance and their placement on the tree, almost seeming to sprout from the branches themselves. The fruits are waxy, 5 inches long and have 3 to 5 deep longitudinal ribs which give the fruit a star-shaped appearance when sliced. Flavor can vary considerably from plant to plant, from very sweet to sour, with the former being quite delicious and quite a treat when eaten either fresh or used for preserves. The color and shape make the fruit very suitable for adding interest to any fruit salad. Pollen causes no known allergy problems.

Starfruit Photos

Starfruit leaves

Starfruit flowers

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