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Annona glabra, Pond Apple

Pond Apple is a small tree found in wet, swampy areas in South Florida, the West Indies and the Bahamas. It rarely grows to more than 15 or 20-feet high in the Florida. It grows in a habitat similar to Baldcypress habitat. Yellowish-white flowers are borne in the spring providing a show only if you stand close to the tree. The fruit is nearly pear shaped, ripening to a dull yellow. Although it is edible, the tree would not be planted as a fruit tree. Leaves drop for a brief period in late spring, just before new leaves emerge.

Pond Apple is best planted as a large shrub or small tree in wet areas where little else would thrive. It makes a good screen in a sunny or partially shaded location. Foliage is shiny and quite attractive on this little known plant native to wetlands. It is often found in association with Baldcypress and Pondcypress. A soil that is acidic or neutral is nicely suited for Pond Apple.

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Pond Apple Leaves

Pond Apple Leaves