University of Florida

Good vs. poor tree placement near power lines

GOOD CHOICE: .These trees have an upright narrow canopy form so they can be planted closer to wires and buildings than trees with a wide spreading canopy.

POOR CHOICE: Palms are sometimes planted at an angle under power lines as shown on the left side of this road. This allows trunks to grow farther away from the lines. While good intentioned, this does not allow adequate clearance in most situations.

GOOD CHOICE: Small trees will not grow up to interfere with power lines and they can create a nice shaded sidewalk.

POOR CHOICE: Live oak and other large trees should not be planted under power lines because they have to be pruned regularly.

POOR CHOICE: Palms planted under power lines interfere and will need to be removed to provide reliable electric service.

Here are large live oak trees trained to grow over power lines. Some communities work with service providers to make arrangements to ensure trees grow well over power lines.